Senior Lighting GPS

We may get wiser as we get older, but we also have a harder time “seeing the light” Senior Lighting; literally. At age 60, most people need four times more light to see as well as they did when they were 20. Fortunately, the lighting industry offers a wide range of design-friendly options to satisfy the needs of senior eyes.

“As we age, our corneas begin to develop layers like an onion,” says Dan Blitzer, a continuing educator for the American Lighting Association. “These layers absorb more of the light coming into our eyes, so less light reaches the retina and its light receptors. Also, the lenses in our eyes develop tiny fissures that tend to capture more blue light, so what gets through to the retina is more light waves in the yellow spectrum. The net result is that as people get older, they get less light from their environment.”

Learning the Course: This is a “home study” course, but can be presented in a classroom fashion by the company. Some companies may find it desirable to teach the course, backing lecture with reading. Others may prefer to have the technicians read a chapter, then sit down with them in a group for review and discussion. Still other companies may want to allow the technician to complete the entire textbook, then sit down with him/her and review in preparation for the certification exam. The experts agree that replacing all your 60 watt bulbs with 100 watt bulbs probably won’t solve the problem, and could even be a safety concern if you put a 100 watt bulb in a fixture not rated for it. You don’t have to completely remodel your house to see well. Lighting solutions can be tailored to fit your unique lighting issues, budget and structure of your house. ALA experts Blitzer and Monty Gilbertson, a certified lighting consultant with Lighting Designs by Senior Lighting, offer the following tips on lighting your home for the aging eye

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